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About Me

I have spent my entire life devoted to understanding how everything works. From Construction & Material Science, Alternative Energy, Electromechanical Systems, Analytical Calculus & Numerical Methods, Permaculture, and beyond I have the capability to design the complex and simple, the want to fix the world's problems, and the wisdom to learn from my mistakes. We are surrounded by the answers we seek, it just takes research & experimentation through the scientific method to unlock what we desire. I spend the majority of my time preparing electromechanical assemblies for individuals with Phd’s. 





Brent Wolf
Lead Mechanical Engineer
& Remote Pilot
Brent was Lead Mechanical Engineer, Pilot, and major advocate for the Marsokhod. You can't get stuck when every surface on the underside of the rover is a wheel surface.

This victory shut down the ROBO OPS Competition. For 6 years this competition was hosted by NASA, and after we beat every person who ever showed up in half the time, there hasn't been a competition since.

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